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Andrew Bishop

Recent tinkerings

Circle of Fifths
Tech: Svelte, CSS custom properties
A simple handy tool for learning the circle of fifths. Built with Svelte and CSS custom properties.
Movies To Watch
Tech: React, Firebase, Styled Components
A web app to save and share movie recommendations, using Firebase, React and the Open Movie Database API.
Tech: Feathers.js, Node.js, HTML5 Canvas, Web Sockets
A real-time collaborative drawing app, using HTML5 Canvas, Feathers.js and neDB, a file-based persistent data store modeled on MongoDB.
Drum Machine
Tech: Tone.js, Web Components
A drum machine and arpeggiator built with the Tone.js library and lit-element, a base class for creating Web Components.
Population Stats
Tech: React, D3
A React single page application for comparing country populations in a bar graph. Uses the D3 library.
Tech: Swift, XCode, ListenNotes API
A simple iOS podcast search and recommendation app.