Movie Recommendations

Tech: React, Firebase, Styled Components  

An app to save and share movie recommendations, using Firebase, React and the Open Movie Database API. Learned React's new Hooks API and the Styled Components library.


Tech: Swift, XCode, ListenNotes API  

An iOS podcast search and recommendation app, consuming the ListenNotes API and featuring infinite scroll. Search by topic, podcast name, or by genre, and save favourite podcasts for later.


Tech: Feathers.js, HTML5 Canvas  

A real-time collaborative drawing app, using HTML5 Canvas, Feathers.js and neDB, a file-based data store modeled on MongoDB.

Tone.js Drum Machine

Tech: Tone.js, Web Components  

A drum machine and arpeggiator built with the Tone.js library and lit-element, a base class for creating lightweight Web Components. Demo works best in the Chrome browser.

JS Messageboard

Tech: Node, React, MongoDB, Webpack, Bootstrap  

Isomorphic JavaScript messageboard application with a responsive front-end and custom authentication and authorization scheme. Built for Camosun program's second-year final Web Services project.

Population Stats

Tech: React, D3  

A React single page application that allows users to compare up to six country populations in a bar graph. Uses the D3 library.


Tech: JavaScript, Node, Express, lodash  

A snake AI written in Node to compete in the intermediate category at Battlesnake, a programming competition.

Mick's Licks

Tech: JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap, GitLab  

An e-commerce web application built with the LAMP stack to sell used vinyl records, with login verification, a cart system and online payment integration. Created with a team of three other developers as final project for Web Applications class.